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Announcement. Opening offices.
Aug 12, 2019 20:36

Dear friends and partners!

Green Capital Global continues to steadily gain momentum and develop! 
A large number of partners already appreciated the quality of our work and the reliability of our business! 
The company is gaining momentum around the world! Countries of Asia, Europe and CIS are covered!
The company takes two directions of development! This is an Internet community and development in the real sector!
In the development of Green Capital Global, initially, was introduced the item on the opening of representatives!
In order to be a representative of Green Capital Global in your region you need to fulfill the following conditions:
1. Personal deposit is not less than $ 1000.
2. The turnover of the first line $ 20 000.
3.Turnover of the structure is $ 50 000.
If the conditions are done, the costs of opening and maintaining offices are take over by the company!
The structure of the leader who will open a representative office, will have an additional percent to the affiliate program of 2%.
Green Capital Global works exclusively for its partners, gratefully refers to those who are engaged in active promotion, and thus contributes to the development of the fund. 
In this regard, the company starts a campaign for active partners " MAKE YOUR LIFE HAPPY"
The first 5 representatives, if the relevant conditions are done, will have the following advantages: 
1. An additional percent of the turnover of the structure will not be 2%, but 4%.
2. At the opening of the representative, the leader will have an additional deposit in the amount of $ 1000! 
All wish luck and success!
The second direction is the Internet community! 
Begins active promotion in the media, YouTube and other social networks! 
These are just tools to achieve your purpose!
Green Capital Global is interested in the profit of every investor! We develop and earn with you!


Main stock market news
Aug 8, 2019 19:46

Main stock market news
At the end of trading on 08.August NYSE Dow Jones index decreased by 0.09%, and S&P 500 increased by 0.08%, NASDAQ Composite rose by 0.38%.
The shares of the leading international entertainment and media company Walt Disney Company (WDC) fell the most. The rate fell by 7.01 p. (4.94%), stopping at 134.86 USD per share. The trend is due to insufficient return on investments in the acquired division of 21st Century FOX (52 billion USD). At the moment, WDC is sacrificing its short-term profits, increasing its operating costs, for long-term financial results. The world's largest media company reduced its net profit in the second quarter by 40%, which is expected to reach 51% in the third quarter. However, it is worth noting that the concern has qualitatively updated in terms of streaming, launching Disney+, ESPN+, and this can give a tangible impetus to the development.
Against the background of the forecast of the continued decline in quotations of tobacco market companies from 2019 to 2023, shares of the international Corporation Altria, offering not only tobacco products (Marlboro, L&M), but also a large number of wines, are falling.
Shares of Dean Foods Co – the largest producer of milk and dairy products, similarly showed a negative trend. In this segment of the loss-making trend has continued since the second quarter.
If we talk about the shares showing growth, an example is the promising shares of Mastercard. This second largest payment system in the world recently bought the Danish company Nets A/S for 2.85 billion USD. This transaction will allow Mastercard to increase its capitalization and expand its opportunities in the field of payments.
It should be borne in mind that on the New York stock market, the number of securities that fell in price during the trading session (1559) exceeded the number of those that closed in plus (1407) at the close of the trading session on August 07. This indicates that the market is entering the stage of a crisis trend.

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