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What kind of deposit can I open?

You can open deposits according the chosen option. The maximum deposit should not exceed $ 50,000

Is it possible reinvest an existing investment?


How long does it take to earn dividends after opening an investment account?

You earn your first dividends after 24 hours

How is interest income payment credited?

Interest income payments are credited to your account in every day for the previous trading day. For example, on Tuesday you receive accruals for Monday

Who can invest in your company?

You have to be of legal age (18+ years old)

What is the most profitable investment offer from the company?

Read more about options and plans in the Investments section of our website.

What is the minimum amount for investment?

The minimum investment is 50 USD. The maximum amount is 50,000 USD. 0.1 BTC - 2 BTC for CRYPTOCURENCY MARKET Deposit. Your deposit will be credited after 3 confirmation on the Bitcoin network.

Can I refill my account balance and how?

Yes, you can refill the account balance at any time for any amount. You have to maintain your account balance at least $50 (amount equal to $50 in another currency)

What external electronic payment or cryptocurrency systems can I use to refill my account balance?

It is possible to refill your account using the following electronic payment cryptocurrency systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin

What are the minimum and maximum amount available for withdrawal?

The minimum amount for withdrawal is $1. There is no limit on maximum amount. The minimum amount for withdrawal on BTC depends on the network load. Default 0.002 BTC. Maximum amount for withdrawal 1 BTC per day for one account

On what days is the withdrawal possible?

Withdrawals can be made only on working days, from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 23:00 GMT + 1 and in some cases can take up to 3 working days. On EPS Withdrawal within 24 hours.


hedge fund green capital

What do you offer for partners who want to develop and build a career?

Our company offers great opportunities for our clients to become our partners. Each investor can build own partnership structure and receive rewards for the investments of the attracted partners. Find out more about Partnership Program and other opportunities in the Partnership Section of the company's website.

Is it possible to get a partnership reward without a personal investment?

Affiliate program income is available only after a personal investment for the minimum amount.

I want to be your representative. How can I do it?

You can become our representative when you receive the Partner status of "Manager." Submit a request to the Support Service and we will decide after evaluating your account whether to give you the status of “Company Representative.”

How many accounts can I register as a single investor in your hedge fund?

Strictly one account per one investor. Users with multi accounts will be blocked.

What are multi accounts?

A multi-account is a second account created to receive referral rewards for your own account, which is higher in the structure.We evaluate cases when registrations are done from one IP address. For example, when your partner registers through your IP in this case, the last activity will be taken into account. Multi-accounts in our system are second or third accounts that systematically use the first IP address.

Are there any penalties for multi-accounts?

Yes. The multi-account is automatically blocked; the funds are transferred to the account above with the deduction of referral reward wrongfully received.

What happens to the partners registered in the structure with a multi-account?

After blocking the multi-account, all partners that were registered under it go in the system.

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